As we close the final chapter of 2020, we are excited to announce that we now offer a range of professional vetting services. These can be tailored to your requirements based on what industry and job role you are filling.

This collaborative service is available to external companies who require their employees to hold further checks and vetting for their role. Our experienced team can help you become secure and efficient with outstanding employees.

Managing vetting checks internally can cause many issues including time limits, form complications, a lack of experience and resources. Choosing to outsource your vetting services saves you time and ensures that the process is in line with the latest compliance and trusted experience.

Our aim is to get you through the system quickly and efficiently so that your employees can begin the role as soon as possible. We manage the vetting service on your behalf and all results are sent to your Authorised Signatory.

To learn more and explore our professional vetting services packages, please click here.