FBO / Airport Screening

SES provide fully trained security screening officers for passenger screening and the screening of airport goods, airport supplies as well as passenger screening with cabin and hold bags.

We can provide officers to FBO’s or airports either full time or adhoc

Our team members are trained to various aviation training levels including – ground security officer, ground security supervisor, and aviation security manager.

The team can carry out all aspects of aviation security screening. A sample of which, but not limited to is:

  • Passenger and staff screening

  • Access control

  • Aircraft guarding

  • Perimeter patrols

  • Screening with experience and knowledge of utilising an array of security equipment

  • Prevention and responding to security incidents

  • Aircraft search

We ensure the highest standards are applied and achieved throughout all of our operational duties.

We carry out regular tiered approach checks and audits through our internal assurance programme.

SES are extremely proud to have a very experienced team who are highly motivated and encouraged to be proactive within our operation.

We believe engaging and involving the team is key, therefore, we also follow a continuous improvement culture.

Please email us for more information.