CROs are a cost-effective customer-focused alternative to unarmed Police Officers who, through their patrolling and responses, also support the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) general advice on Countering Terrorism, Countering Activities by Hostile Countries, and Protecting the Public.

Apart from being cheaper on an officer/per hour basis, CROs are able to undertake duties that police would not normally do.


Function Police CROs
Patrol Terminal Areas YES YES
Visual deterrent YES YES
Deal with passenger-related incidents YES YES
First Aid support YES YES
Retail shrinkage deterrent YES YES
VIP escort YES YES
Reporting of “Near Misses” in relation to “Health & Safety” incidents. NO YES
Queue Management NO YES
Baggage belt breakdown support NO YES
Here to Help NO YES
Statistical data collection NO YES
Direct illegal drop-offs through “charging” areas NO YES
Direct illegal parking to “chargeable” parking areas NO YES
Direct queuing passengers to purchase Fast Track NO YES


Financial Benefits

  • Directing passengers to Fast Track – increases revenue
  • Moving on Illegal Drop Offs – increases revenue
  • Managing illegal parking in unauthorized areas – increases revenue
  • Cost-effective alternative to unarmed Police Officers – reduces the number (and cost) of unarmed police that are required
  • Chargeable VIP escort service (Booking facility on the airport’s own website) – increases revenue
  • Supporting retail loss – visible presence helps reduce theft

Operational / Security Benefits

  • Incident management – reduces the number of airport and/or police staff being committed to minor incidents
  • Visual security presence – reduces the risk of criminal and terrorist activity
  • Assisting with police nonarmed operations
  • Crisis management support
  • Queue management – Increasing and improving passenger footfall processing times enabling more “spending” time in departures.
  • Baggage belt breakdown support
  • Here to Help – helping and improving passenger’s journey
  • First Aid support (can even be First Aid Responders – reducing the number (and cost) of airport staff required to be trained in, and respond to, first aid incidents.
  • Statistical data collection to assist in improving operational effectiveness

If you would like more information on our Customer Response Officers, or just wish to explore how we can help reduce costs and improve your passengers journey please contact 07485 382193