Meet and Assist

SES offer the complete range of Meet and Assist services.

If you are traveling alone or simply prefer to have an escort to ensure you / your family transit from the aircraft and on to your next mode of transport in the quickest way possible, SES can help.

Our team can meet you at the aircraft door, escort you through immigration, obtain your bags and escort you all of the way to your car or train.

In addition, we can of course do all of the above in reverse, Arrange a limousine to pick you up at home and escort you all of the way through the terminal and right up to the aircraft door.

SES offer the following VIP services:

  • Private jet bookings

  • Meet and Assist services

  • Booking of fast track security

  • Personal escort

  • Special needs support

  • Baggage handling

  • Lounge Access

Our team can also provide general airport support services, tailoring to any operational requirements.

Ambassador roles – a customer facing representative helping and assisting customers at various points of the airport journey.

Please email us for more information.