Our mission is to ensure a safe, smooth and fully compliant experience by providing the highest level of professional bespoke services.

About Us

At SES, our motto is “You’re in Safe Hands, and we are very proud to be a Corporate Partner of the UK Airport Operators Association (AOA).

We are supporting UK aviation with a fast-expanding range of services to meet ever-changing security needs, offering both traditional and tailored security solutions to every element of UK aviation security – Airports (and their suppliers), Fixed Base Operators, (FBOs), Airlines, Regulated Suppliers (RS), and Regulated Agents (RA).

SES Aviation supplies a multitude of services including aviation security training, aircraft search and guarding, specialist detection dogs, cargo, in-flight supplies and airport supplies security screening, consultancy/audits, and full SC, CTC & CRC vetting services – our full list of training and services is under the “Services” tab.

Our management team holds a unique array of knowledge and experience gained from working within the aviation industry over countless years, covering UK international airport operations, overseas international airport security, FBOs, regulated agents, regulated suppliers, aviation security, general security, compliance, governance, training, retail, security and safety risk/threat assessments – not many companies can say that about their leadership team.

SES also provides temporary security screening solutions to airports and FBOs, whose security needs may be intermittent. We offer a Rapid Deployment Resilience Service (RDRS) of trained security staff who can help airports to deal with unplanned contingencies and emergencies, and our Customer Response Officers (CROs) are a very cost-effective alternative to unarmed police – who can conduct a wide range of duties e.g. customer relations/service, security patrols, vehicle movement enforcement (illegal parking/drop offs) and first aid etc.

To support our RDRS, we have mobile security screening check points service which can be deployed at 24 hours’ notice, equipped with Department for Transport approved security screening equipment, and if required, trained staff to operate equipment.

Another important element of our portfolio is security training, which can be delivered at customers’ premises, at the SES Academy in Harlow or via elearning.

At SES we deliver specialist excellence and value for money. We listen to customers about their problems, their needs, their wants, their restrictions, and their budgets – and we will do whatever we can to help, and as a private company, we are well-placed to ensure that all our services and training courses are always competitively priced.

We believe that a warm and friendly culture is vital to creating a happy workplace, and work force – At SES, we are “friendly, honest and transparent”. We are open to listening to all organisations from any sector on how we could improve and create new services to support them.

Listening to our customers, teamwork and flexibility are key to our success. We often receive short notice requests and deployments change on a regular basis, but we constantly deliver.

At SES we strive to deliver specialist excellence and provide training and services at very competitive prices.

Contact the team to find out how we can assist you.

SES Aviation prides itself on providing the highest level of aviation security services

Our mission is always to protect you, your customers, and your property. SES Aviation employ a dedicated team who are trained to the highest standards. All staff have passed a CTC and CRC check.

Each team member is trained in accordance with DfT and CAA Regulations, and our Quality Assurance programme, combined with continuous training and development programmes, ensures our high standards are maintained.

Vetting Services

Professional vetting services tailored to your requirements.

Aviation Security Training - Classroom

Bespoke security training fo your operational needs.

Aviation Security Training - Elearning

Flexibility and minimised training costs.

Training & Support Services

Training and bespoke aviation support services.

FBO / Airport Services

Fully trained security screening officers for the screening of passengers and airport goods.

Aircraft Search & Guarding

Trained to the highest level offering both ramp guarding and internal aircraft search.

Specialist Dog Detection Services

Our dogs can detect firearms, explosives, drugs, cash, tobacco and products of animal origin.

Security Screening & Logistics

Supplying a comprehensive range of screening and logistical services.

Cargo Screening

Fully qualified, fully vetted, and fully-trained cargo screeners.

Mobile Security Screening Check Point

Improve the safety and security of people whom you are responsible for.

Consultancy / Audits

Consultancy services based on our practical experience and operational knowledge.

Security Solutions

Temporary Static Security Solutions and Quick Deployment CCTV Towers.

Rapid Deployment Resilience Service (RDRS)

Management and resilience for major incidents / events.

Customer Response Officers (CRO’s)

Cost-effective customer-focused alternative to unarmed Police Officers.

Waist Restraint Belt (WRB)

Providing dignity for the restrained individual and safety for both escort and individual.

Aviation Security Escorts

Supplying highly trained security escorts on selected flights.

Meet & Assist

Ensuring you/ your family transit from the aircraft and on to your next mode of transport in the quickest way possible.