Maryann Turvey

Operations Director

Team - Maryann


With a vast amount of experience and knowledge, SES is pleased to have such a talented Operations Director leading the team.

With 25 years of experience in aviation, Maryann is highly experienced in an array of roles within both general aviation and the airline industry

Highly skilled, Maryann’s extensive experience includes; Head of Security at an International airport, operations management, airport management, security and safety compliance, retail, commercial aviation and risk/ threat assessment.

“I started my career many moons ago working for an airline and quickly developed my skills set through all operational roles.

Over the years I gained invaluable experience working on behalf of the airport authorities in various senior management roles, gaining skills and knowledge through being part of and leading operational teams.

My passion and love for aviation in all its challenging but amazing opportunities continue.”


Kevin Cordell

Aviation Governance Director

Kevin has immense experience, spanning more than 36 years, both in the aviation industry and for the Authority has held the following roles.

  • Director – Aviation Security – Kerwin Consulting
  • Governance and Compliance Director – Securitas UK
  • Aviation Security Compliance Lead Inspector/ Auditor – DFT/ CAA
  • Airport Manager – Doncaster Sheffield Airport
  • Airline Security Manager – Thomas Cook Airlines UK

Kevin maintains an excellent working relationship with the Authorities whilst remaining an active member of various DfT committees, CAA, and AOA working groups.


Daniela Deed

Senior Operations Manager

Daniela has worked in the airport industry since 2001 when she joined as one of the handling agents. I worked in several areas of their business and worked across a range of roles, before moving to work directly for the airport. I worked my way up the ladder over the years, making the most of the opportunities presented to me, gaining experience and knowledge across a range of positions. I have worked in very large teams but also very small teams, which came with their own challenges and dynamics.

I am extremely proud of my time as Chairperson for their official charity partner, CLIC Sargent, when I helped to raise a substantial amount of money making a difference to lives of young people living with cancer.

I joined SES Aviation in July 2022. I have learnt a lot about FBO operations since joining and I have an incredible team working for me, who make every flight very special for our clients. Every day is different which makes it very interesting and fulfilling.

I lead with compassion and honesty.

Experience – compliance, recruitment, training, budgetary, operational management, project amongst many more.


John Jefford

Training Manager

John joined SES Aviation as the next step in a 32-year career in the security industry.

Starting in 1990 with BAA John has developed extensive experience in both frontline delivery and management positions across a range of operational areas and disciplines from Security & training, front-of-house operations & baggage delivery systems to the day-to-day management of terminal operational planning, resource deployment, incident management, and business recovery.

2010 saw John move into the manned guarding sector taking a position within the city of London, where he managed a number of sites for a large property management company. This allowed the progression required to deliver security contracts for large portfolios with a number of blue-chip clients across the city of London and  East Anglia. During this period John gained valuable knowledge in manned guarding, and physical security, access control systems, CCTV  property management.

Returning to aviation in 2016 John moved his experience to  Fixed based operations where he was able to rebuild a portfolio of clients’ delivery aviation security screening to the sector. Joining SES Aviation in 2021 as  Senior operations manager John reregistered in CIN number and moved to the training department where he worked to grow the team and build the presence of SES Aviation within the sector.


Mobile: 07436 178007