Consultancy / Audits

SES offers a range of consultancy services based on our practical experience and operational knowledge.

Our Security Senior Management team have over 21 years of experience across the aviation industry including airlines, international airports, security, safety, customer experience, and retail.

Our Managing Director’s experience includes; professional flying/ instructing, FBO management and business development, AOC set up and operation, aircraft sales and management, air ambulance operations and specialist drone operations including BVLOS operations.

SES offer the following services:

  • Aviation risk and threat assessments

  • Security solutions and project advice

  • Airport development and setting up of critical and secure areas

  • Aviation security compliance and operational procedures

  • Risk mitigation, strategies to assist in identifying and monitoring security-related risks with short term and long term solutions

  • Assistance to airport managers

  • Liaison with regulatory bodies

  • Improving and maintaining security standards and installing quality assurance

  • Contingency planning

  • Projects – Identifying and Implementing new changes

  • Security equipment solutions

  • Retail and logistics solutions

  • Human factors, solutions to changing team culture

  • Aircraft sales and management

  • Setting up an AOC

  • Business development

  • Specialist drone services

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