Mobile Security Screening Check Point

Do you need to improve the safety and security of people whom you are responsible for?

SES are awaiting delivery of Van #1 from their fleet of Mobile Security Screening Check Points (MSSCP’s). It will be the first MSSCP in the UK equipped with DFT/ECAC approved C1 Dual View X-ray machine. Other DFT/ECAC approved equipped to be installed will be an Advanced Walkthrough Metal Detector (AWMD), Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) and Liquid Explosive Detection (LED) machines.

We will also have several MSSCP’s with SingleView (SV) X-ray machines, Archway Metal Detectors (AMD’s), LED & ETD machines (ETD machines can be configuration to detect drugs – as by government agencies – ideal for regular, or random, drug screening at “secure locations”. Our MSSCP’s are perfect for music festivals, sporting events, and private events (civilian, government and military).

SES’ MSSCPs are not only deployable throughout the UK, but also globally – If a plane can land, or a ship can dock, we can transport them to anywhere in the world. Through our worldwide network of land, sea, and air transport partners we can provide you with a bespoke end-to-end solution.

MSSCP’s can be provided with, and without, trained staff to operate the equipment and to search personnel.

  • MSSCP’s are available for advance bookings on short and long-term rental basis.
  • SES also operate an “emergency” response short notice call out (24, 48-120 and 120+ hrs), subject to a MSSCP (and staff, if required) availability.
  • As an optional extra, the MSSCP’s can bear your logo, or even some advertising (where our removable logos are in the pictures below).

Security Checked Staff

All screening support staff are 5 year background checked, and hold at least a CRC (for non-aviation deployments), and those on aviation deployments will hold a CTC (if required).